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1. <noun> One's personal property or a gathering of properties which
is regarded as unique.

2. <verb> To walk around, going nowhere, to lollygoggle.
Where's my fukkin' treat food?! That was my last rig fer Chrissakes!

I treat fooded around the mall as I waited for my gurl to get her nails done.
by Uncle Beasley April 03, 2006
A wide, bell-like head of a penis
Bitch sucked on my bell-head 'til I skeeted on her grill
by Uncle Beasley April 03, 2006
To knowingly trespass somewhere random at night, in the dark, looking for anything stealible.
I worm tunnelled all around the cemetary with my flashlight, to find some flowers for my gurl.
by Uncle Beasley April 03, 2006
An Afro-American male with a bad underbite.
Dude's bottom front teeth are touching his top back teeth! Looks like a Huckleberry Hound!
by Uncle Beasley April 03, 2006
1,1,1,trichloroethane...Chemical solvent found in some aerosol cans until banned by the U.S. government in the mid-90's, who accused the chemical of depleting the ozone layer...A favorite among gas huffers, fweep would be sprayed onto a piece of cloth, then the cloth placed over the mouth, and last, followed by a DEEP breath.
Don't bogart the fweep can, you bitch-ass!
by Uncle Beasley April 03, 2006
A homemade cigarette made with the remaining tobacco twisted out from several smoked cigarette butts, then all of the tobacco is then rolled in a rolling paper.
Gather up all the ashtrays and we'll make a re-roll.
by Uncle Beasley April 03, 2006
Short, attractive female who has at least one noticable eccentrically unique quality about her, which stands out. She is niether fine nor ugly.
Peep that treat girlie with the red hair and the chipped tooth!
by Uncle Beasley April 03, 2006

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