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1. to eat a dick in a unusally fast way
2. to break into somebodies house, jack off, jizz on their couch and leave
3. to throw up on somebodies nutsack and then eat it
1.Bro i went to ur house and nusthave.
2.I nusthave your dads dick.
by ulmanator1 October 04, 2010
1. to smell like ass, cheese, and mexican people put together
2. to kill a retard for fun
Yo Rivera smells like blorstar
by ulmanator1 October 04, 2010
to shit in somebodies backpack and not tell them
Yo bro i totally blotunalate in Tyrone's backpack!!!!!!!!!
by ulmanator1 October 04, 2010
1. The act of having an air pocket amongst the titty area. \
2. A way you can have sex with a girl with out sticking your dick inside of her.
3. To engrave your face in a womans breasts.
Wow bro i hiptitties the shit out of your mom!!!!!!!
by ulmanator1 October 04, 2010
1. to beat someone's ass and then piss in their ear
2. a person who looks like dobby from harry potter
Yo bros rivera is such a clorb
by ulmanator1 October 05, 2010
1. people who dont know how to shut the fuck up, or dont pay attention
Rivera is such a cheesedick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by ulmanator1 October 04, 2010
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