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to beat someone viciously over the head, sometimes using a blunt object or a bat.
Jacques totally clorbed that guy in the bar! Now he won't ever be let back in...
by falltothesky January 13, 2008
clorb is a group of friends that talk during math class and play naughty Scrabble.
Hey look, there's those CLORB girls.
by Allison February 04, 2005
A group of individuals who pay little or no attention to mathematics and view language and word games as a vehicle to facilitate sexual advances.
Amy, don't play scrabble with him. You've seen the way he acts in Calc, I think he runs with Clorbs.
by Darmani November 01, 2007
1. to beat someone's ass and then piss in their ear
2. a person who looks like dobby from harry potter
Yo bros rivera is such a clorb
by ulmanator1 October 05, 2010
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