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A not-so-rare breed of female that is overtly loose between the legs. Much like dinosaurs, these creatures cannot see anything unless it moves.

Sometimes called "street t-rex"
"Shh, Lois, don't move. She won't see you if you don't move."

"Where'd you go?"
by Twiggy May 04, 2005
The trashiest city in all of Arizona; a congregation point for bums and druggies alike. Comparable to Compton, CA, with a Mexican flare. Cigar shops and porn shops are plentiful, with a sufficient number of weird bus people milling about in the streets. Entrance to the city is noted by a pungent smell of stale ass. Street corners and the front of 7-11s are a substitute for employment agencies in Mesa, the city with the highest per capita amount of payday loan stores in the universe. Most popular jobs: auto thief, landscaper, house painter, drug dealer/cop.

A charming city, really.
"Mommy, why did God create Mesa?"

"To extinguish any notions about the good of humankind, dear."
by Twiggy April 14, 2005
Anything that is taken out of its natural environment, placed in another suitable one, and gets on the fast track to total world domination.

Originates from the sugar cane toad, a native Hawaiian toad that was introduced to Australia to help control beetle population and has never looked back.
Guy 1: Did you see that new guy from Japan? He doesn't even speak English, but in a week he's already been promoted to head of our department and I hear he's knocked up the VP.

Guy 2: What a total cane toad.
by Twiggy July 16, 2005
An intelligent hobo
See that guy begging for money on the freeway? Defnitely not a hobosapien.
by Twiggy June 04, 2005
Noun: testicles, nuts, balls, bits, jewels, nads, DNA factory, knackers, tonkers, bollocks, nutmegs, stones, huevos, cojones, valseuses, grapes, diamonds, cobblers, marbles, gonads, eggs, kintama, love blobs
My friend is in the hospital after getting smacked in the twig and giggleberries with a frying pan.
by Twiggy April 05, 2005
The cool, hip, southwest version of "not your mother."
"Whose mama is that?"

"That's nacho mama!"
by Twiggy April 24, 2005
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