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A skateboarding grind in which the rider approaches the rail/ledge frontside and performs a backside 180 to fakie feeble. The trick is much like a fs hurricane, only more difficult due to the outward rotation, which also increases the amount of rotation, as the board must spin over the object first.
The first time i saw a sugarcane on street, it blew my mind.
by nocturnal March 03, 2008
15 7
During a threesome when a girl puts sugar on another girls' pussy and has her queef on the guys dick. The first girl the proceeds to lick the sugar off both the guy and the girls genitalia.
Sarah's twat and my balls are all sticky from the sugar cane last night. That will be the last time I let my sister in our threesome!
by Super Sloppy Funn Time August 08, 2009
12 18