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The moment of deliberation just before sex in which one decides whether or not to use a condom.
"Is she ovulating right now? She doesn't look like she's ovulating. When did she say her period was? Last week, I think. Or maybe the week before. I wonder if I'd make a good father..."

Last night I was lost in Condomplation.
by tsukiatari July 21, 2009
A look from your wife that stops you dead in your tracks.
I was going to do a keg stand at last year's Fourth of July party, until Susan gave me the old Wife Eye.
by tsukiatari January 20, 2010
A ritual substance used to lower inhibitions; generally lets bros open up to one another and just be bros. Overuse may lead to a possible bromance.
Woah, this brocaine is off the hook... which reminds me, bro... I love you bro.
by tsukiatari July 21, 2008
A sudden outbreak of Pandas. Has only happened once or twice, and mostly in China.
Pandas are so cute! I wish there was a pandemic right here in town.
by tsukiatari March 02, 2010
A sexual response to being totally organized.

Man, my room's so clean I think I'm gonna have an organasm.
by tsukiatari December 23, 2008
The starved and jealous look on the faces of people waiting in long lines at busy brunch spots.
Diner one: "OMG, did you see that guy's pancakes? I'm so getting the pancakes. They look so good I could die!"

Diner two: "Dude, that guy over there's totally giving me the brunch face."
by tsukiatari January 20, 2010
An improvised, often elaborate, dwelling built by a homeless person.
Yo, check out that guy's bumgalow! Joint's probably got indoor plumbing.
by tsukiatari March 19, 2007
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