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the organisms that come from an orgasm
after a secretary comes out of a boss's office.
a co-worker tells her, "you got some organasms on your face."

by lazyazn March 09, 2009
A sexual response to being totally organized.

Man, my room's so clean I think I'm gonna have an organasm.
by tsukiatari December 23, 2008
An orgasm acheived while listening to organ music.
"My, that Bach piece gave me such an organasm!"
by Meleeficent March 10, 2007
When someone gets really excited about cleaning or organizing, they are said to have an organasm.
Person 1: Ugh, my apartment is so dirty, it's really disgusting.
Person 2: OMG! I'll clean it for you!!!
Person 1: Dude, don't have an organasm.

Monica from Friends has an organasm every other episode.
by Alison King August 04, 2011
Whe you organise and tidy stuff so much you get an orgasm
I tidied my whole room today, and I got a serious organasm!
by gametes123 September 14, 2013
Basically, an organized orgasm
Organized + Orgasm = Organasm
Guy: Yo man, last night I had the best Organasm, not too late, not too early :)
by GaB3r0x October 14, 2010
an orgasm over science
nerd : look at tht sodium!
not a nerd : stop avin a organasm u freckin nerd
by Bert Smit April 06, 2006
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