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30 definitions by trav

Unofficial army command. Typically used during PT (physical training) formations during extremely shitty weather as a way of dismissing a unit from duty. After the command of “Zonk!!” is given the entire unit runs off screaming and shouting to their barracks rooms or cars.
Man, this morning it was 34 degrees and pissing rain. Thank god First Seargent called a zonk.

1SG : “Company!!”
Platoon SGTs in unison : “Platoon!!”
1SG: “Atten-sion!!.....ZONK!!!!”
by Trav October 01, 2004
Military term; An evil mythical creature that whispers advice and ideas into the ears of military leadership, causing hundreds unnecessary changes and countless wasted man-hours every year. The Good Idea Fairy should be shot on sight if she is seen in your area.
Great! The CO has says that we need to provide a 24 hour guard over the weekend for the empty tents out on training area 17. He must've been visited by the good idea fairy.
by Trav September 27, 2004
Military term used to describe a new or inexperienced soldier. Can also be used by Asian prostitutes to describe a virgin.
Watch out troop. The juicy girls can sniff out a cherry boy at 100 meters.
by Trav September 24, 2004
Term used in the U.S. military for person of Arab/Middle Eastern descent. Supposedly in arabic the word Hajji is added to a person's name to signify that they've made the Hadj pilgramage to Mecca.
Our convoy took sniper and RPG fire from group of 8-10 hajjis.
by Trav September 24, 2004
Acronym for Inflated Lat Syndrome. ILS is a primal threat/mating display observed in the human male. The ILS display involves the male human holding out it’s arms away from it’s body at approximately a 20-40 degree angle and then walking with a slow deliberate gait inorder to look more imposing to other humans. The posture is used primarily as a form of non-verbal communication such as a mating display to attract or impress females or as a defense or dominance posture to appear larger to a threat or to intimidate rival males.

ILS displays can be observed :
In the gym after an insecure male works out for 3-5 minutes.
On the beach when a single male approaches a group of females.
When a male enters a bar or dance club.
When a male is too scared to throw the first punch in a fight.
On the outside of mosh pits by the bouncer who’s had enough of sweaty punks bumping in to him.
Dude. Check the wigger with ILS and a bad attitude coming through the door, he must think he’s the shit or something. Lets kick his ass later.
by Trav October 27, 2004
John Wayne toilet paper – Military term used to describe the low grade toilet paper found in the MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) accessory packet. Called so because it’s rough, tough and don’t take shit off of anybody. Can also be used in place of extra fine grit sandpaper when refinishing furniture.
Can I score a roll from that big box of ass wipe that your mom sent last week?
All that I have is that damn John Wayne toilet paper.
by Trav March 28, 2005
Military slang term for the way that 90% of the people of Asia sit. To properly execute the kimchi squat you must be able to touch your buttocks to your Achilles’ tendons while simultaneously keeping your feet firmly planted flat on the ground.

Most Asians can hold this position for hours while waiting on a bus, smoking a cigarette, shooting the shit, or just taking one.

Fewer than 5% of the population of the USA can execute this modified sitting position.
"Jones has gone so native; he was spotted on the street corner in the kimchi squat eating boiled fish paste on a stick."

"I thought that old lady was trying to give me head on the bus yesterday when she did the kimchi squat right in front of me"
by Trav June 30, 2005