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5 definitions by transamguy

The act of forcing a large object ( wood handle, bowling pin, small novalty bat ect,,,) into the anus of a willing and toothless girl from Tennessee or Gloucester City NJ while severly impacting the colon.
I met a girl at a bar called the Pirates den and bought her a few drinks, we later went to a motel and she demanded I give her a Tennessee log jammer until she split in two!
by Transamguy June 13, 2012
When a contractor or labor worker gets a new Mexican helper on the job.
Hey, I got a new work tool today at the concrete company! His name is Carlos.
by transamguy June 13, 2012
A group of well hung eastern europeans circled around a unsuspectiing girl while blind folded.
Amy found herself in more then she could handle when the polish bagpipes started playing over her head.
by transamguy June 13, 2012
When a woman gives a wet handjob on the top floor of a sky scraper in LA and finishes him over the edge.
Debbie gave Brad a Los Angeles smog pump 2 times last week and once today, the aftermath landed on 6 people!!!
by transamguy June 13, 2012
More then 15 men urinate and deficate on a female while rolling around on a tarp
I cant believe the mess that was made when the frat house shit and pissed all over her during the German Slip and Slide last night!
by transamguy June 13, 2012