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There has got to be more in life than sitting in front of my computer next to a 55-gallon drum of Crisco and waxing my weasel.
by tradesman April 03, 2003
One who is very proficient at card games.
Don't play him, he's a card shark.
by tradesman July 10, 2003
To explode with great force.

From Roger Zelazny's writings.
A fine deeble that was. I could feel the shock from miles away.
by tradesman May 09, 2003
A performance option for Olds Cutlasses. It originally stood for: 400 cu. in. engine, 4-bbl. carb, dual exhaust.
"That '71 442 can really fly!"
by tradesman April 01, 2003
A term defining a type of movie; mostly Hong Kong actioners with Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, John Woo, etc, etc.
Let's rent some chopsocky from Video Time tonight.
by tradesman June 06, 2003
Term of endearment. A woman (prefer. blonde) who is completely unaware of the field of devastation of men and boys left by her passing.

Taken from an old MASH episode.
That bailer chick is a real blonde palomino hussy.
by tradesman April 02, 2003
A tall individual.
Hey, highpockets! Can you get this kite out of this tree?
by tradesman May 07, 2003

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