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One of the best cartoons ever. It's not a place, but a state of mind. A real 80's time capsule.
I miss Milo and the others from Bloom County.
by tradesman August 12, 2003
A cheap trinket.
The flea market is full of tchotchkes.
by tradesman July 19, 2003
The distance a motor vehicle can travel on a gallon of gasoline.
My Escort gets 34 miles per gallon.
by tradesman July 08, 2003
A list of people that are untrustworthy; deserving of suspicion.
The liberal elites criticize at will, but will cry "Blacklisting! Blacklisting!" when others criticize them. Maybe they're right. Folks like Tim Robbins are worthy of suspicion.
by tradesman July 11, 2003
The end product of a Japanese family car after a 16-year-old gets done with it. Makes more noise than power. See: ricer, rice boy.
"Man, listen to that fart cart. Is the exhaust supposed to smoke that much?"
by tradesman April 01, 2003
There has got to be more in life than sitting in front of my computer next to a 55-gallon drum of Crisco and waxing my weasel.
by tradesman April 03, 2003
A model of Honda motorcycle that is highly dependable.
My friends '90 Nighthawk runs like a watch.
by tradesman June 24, 2003

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