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89 definitions by tradesman

A day of reflection on what you should be thankful for; gratitude. America commemorates this day for the feast the Pilgrims had with the Wampanoag Indians in 1621.
Thanksgiving Day should be a day of reflection.
by tradesman December 10, 2003
77 76
An increasing shrill website that uses any means necessary to smear Bush. Facts never really mattered, as long as the noise level was high. Largely funded by George Soros, a far-left extremist, and largely made up of other extreme leftists.
MoveOn.org should be called MoveOnOutOfTheHouse.org to accurately reflect the slackers that adhere to MoveOn's principals. Such as they are.
by tradesman October 29, 2004
98 98
One of wildest engines that was ever made. Refers to the shape of the combustion chamber.(hemispherical)
That Hemi Dodge can really wrinkle the pavement.
by tradesman April 03, 2003
113 113
While a lot can be said against it, I'll take a Mustang over a Camaro any day. Mostly because a lot more can be said against the Camaro.
My favorite Mustang is the '67 G.T. 350.
by tradesman July 11, 2003
65 66
1) To pickpocket; a pickpocket
2) Chewing tobacco
3) A stupid or ignorant individual.
The dip was dipping someone's wallet while he took a big wad of dip between his cheek and gum.
by tradesman May 07, 2003
10 11
Land of fruits and nuts.
California's a nice place to visit, but leave before you get soft.
by tradesman April 03, 2003
117 118
A once-sidesplitting show that is, sadly, beginning to grow stale and has the earmarks of becoming increasingly redundant.
Family Guy was better than the Simpsons.
by tradesman November 22, 2003
78 88