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Land of fruits and nuts.
California's a nice place to visit, but leave before you get soft.
by tradesman April 03, 2003
A leftist French periodical that is undeniably hysterical in it's anti-American tirades. On the same level as the Nation Enquirer here in the States.
Le Monde is a joke.
by tradesman November 26, 2003
A once-sidesplitting show that is, sadly, beginning to grow stale and has the earmarks of becoming increasingly redundant.
Family Guy was better than the Simpsons.
by tradesman November 22, 2003
A term used to describe how much time a celebrity or other television personality is in front of the camera.
Dan Rather gets way too much face time.
by tradesman June 24, 2003
What the Left refers to parts of the country that isn't Manhattan or L.A. and San Francisco.
I guess I live in fly-over country. Big deal.
by tradesman October 07, 2003
The day when it became glaringly apparent that despite all the Old Media's help, most of the American people weren't fooled at all.
Of course, frustrated leftists haven't gotten the message yet.
by tradesman January 05, 2005
How smurfs have sex or procreate.
"Boy, that Smurfette is worth a smuck, eh?
by tradesman April 03, 2003
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