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A horny mexican chef
The mexican chef was a horny burrito when he was looking up all the waitresses skirts.
by Topless Clown Spanker June 21, 2009
An ass that is bigger than xxl
Oh my god, just look at that king size ass!!!
by Topless clown spanker June 26, 2009
A homeless mexican guy.
When George Lopez becomes unpopular and loses all his money he'll become a homeless burrito.
by topless clown spanker December 11, 2009
Paris Hilton's mother
At Ron's bachelor party, Bill got spanked by a topless clown,who turned out to be Paris Hilton's mother.
by Topless clown spanker June 21, 2009
A republican who is narrow minded, greedy, and wants poor people to struggle.
My town is runned by a Stupidican Mayor, Since he cut county spending out of mental health services the whole town has been running mad.
by Topless Clown Spanker March 31, 2011
A street famous for it's prostitutes.
Bob hated his sexless marriage so he went to go do his duty on satisfaction street.
by topless clown spanker January 02, 2010
An obese woman spying on her husband
When I looked out my window I saw an undercover hippo peeking into someone's motorhome.
by topless clown spanker July 05, 2009

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