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The sexiest animal on the planet.
(Way sexier than a horn or a tiger)
How bout' them Razorbacks!
by Topher March 31, 2005
1.To make someone or something better or more attractive especially applying to cars or prostitutes.
2.To pimp out.
That car is tricked out bigtime.
by Topher August 25, 2004
Used as a statement of agreement

can be used as a statement of exclamation.
"Wow that was a great movie!" "Huzza"

by Topher April 18, 2004
John Jay alteration of scopin the jope.
Scopin the jobe is used to describe a very tappable peice of ass (or any good aspect of chick) that walks by. This "jobe" must be a female, not weigh more than the scoper, not be able to beat the scoper up, and must have a full set of presentable teeth to be considered "scopable"
As JSluts, "Slut" walks by, he slants his head slightly down to ass level and hollers, "SCOPIN THE JOBE!"
by topher March 31, 2005
1. Computer Transmitted Disease - A virus that can be transmitted between two computers through a variety of internet courses. Main reasons for infection stem from promiscuity with email addresses, exposed ports, planted through a Back Orifice, forgeting to use the patch, forgetting to use trojan protection and reuse of scumbag spyware applications.

2. Cell Transfer Delay - A delay in transfering inmates from one cell to another

3. Charge Transfer Device - Used to stun someone. See taser.

4. Circling The Drain - Someone who is going to die in a short period of time.
1. Bobby's roommate, Bubba, was less than pleased he had given his computer a CTD.

2. Bobby's problems became a larger pain in his rear when he was notified of his CTD.

3. Thinking quickly, Bobbie grabbed a CTD from a passing guard.

4. Bobby knew he was CTD when Bubba grabbed the CTD and said he had CTD because of a CTD in transfer the system.
by topher June 24, 2004
One who is of Slizz nature.
n. Slizzatch- One Cool Bitch
v. Time to Chiblaze and Slizzatch it up!
by Topher February 12, 2004
How you pronounce the word "Wicked" in the New England area.

Wicked used as an adjective but must also have an adjective following it.
Steph: That Chowda was whickit good.

Chris: I wickit don't wanna try it. NO ME GUSTA EL SEAFOOD!!!1!!1!!1one

Steph: Spanish is whickit dumb.
by Topher April 04, 2005

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