19 definitions by topher

When charlie Eats a space cake and starts flying.
Harry potter and the Philosopher's crack
by Topher May 14, 2003
a frontal wedgy on a chick, or wearing a G-straing the wrong way around, it also relates to people wearing crotchless gym-wear
hot- pink lycra dance wear with revealing bike shorts on
by topher November 04, 2004
A definitory title or word used to describe a person of close connection through unabashed comradeship.
When all else fails there is still The Slizz
by Topher February 12, 2004
Name: Topher comes from the root word Christopher. Were if you don't like chris then you cut of chris and make it Topher.
Topher is not bad but good because The person that uses topher as a nickname is every different and nice.
Topher your so sweet for geting that for me.
But if you use Christopher is sounds so plain.
by Topher August 18, 2004
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