19 definitions by topher

A person with an arse-hole as big as a tractor tire.
Matt Grindey
by Topher May 14, 2003
a person who likes to say random words and do random things
in this industry finely tuned instruments are crucial
by topher November 04, 2004
A person that understands life and will walk a path of loneliness. So they can have the strength to make something of themselves.
wow, that kid standing by his locker with those evil looks and the flames of hatred from his eyes, now that kid is an Immig.
by Topher March 03, 2004
12 year old AOL user way of saying 'rocks' as in, 'that rocks'
"OH-MEG!!!11onewonshift+1 that r0x0rs!"
Translation: Oh my god! That rocks!
by Topher January 08, 2004
when ur white cracker friend trys to dance, but does the same fucking thing over and over again. It involves pumping of the arms up and down in front of the face. If type of music changes, continue doing the same dance!
"Drew I know u can't see me right now, but I'm doing the spedding dance!"
by Topher March 04, 2005
A story about a young kid named kyle who believed anything, and always trys to grab peoples dicks
Nook is a Fucking Moron
by Topher February 14, 2004
topher is a sexy, intelligent young male who everybody wants to be around.
topher is amazing and fit
by topher October 22, 2004

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