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what none of the people in the pictures are what porn stars are not but are paid for and what actresses pay alot of money to be
shes not sexy in that picture but after paying all that money the actress is
by tizzle dogg November 02, 2010
the way to end a sentence when ur confused or high
so we r gonna go to the movies um ya and such
by tizzle dogg December 24, 2010
being board while being on the computer and typing random shit like what i'm doing at the moment
dude yesterday i was so keybored i wrote like 3 pages of random shit
by tizzle dogg December 24, 2010
games but are taken overly seriously at times. people take insults on their sports personal. its kinda funny
guy one: hey man no offense but i think your sport is kinda boring.
guy two: your mom's a hooker and your a faggot so fuck off
by tizzle dogg June 10, 2011
a small chill group in the san mateo area, not really a gang more of a crew
that guy was taggin slicerz so he isnt looking for trouble but if he finds it he has a crew, true story
by tizzle dogg May 28, 2011
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