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4 definitions by tinyelvis

Elvis, but smaller. A dash board hula dancer sized Elvis. G.I. Jelvis
I saw a japanese Elvis impersonator. I call him tinyelvis.
by tinyelvis July 17, 2007
A person whos speech is unrecognizable. Someone who sounds like they have a mouth full of marbles.
The guy who gave me directions is a marble gargler. I have no clue what he said.
by tinyelvis July 05, 2007
Someone stopped at a green light. Someone in the right lane who paces the slow car in the left lane. A ploy that scares people into slowing down. The cause of road rage and accidents. Old folks behind the wheel of a car.
Today, I followed a solinary asshole on the drive to work. I must have said the word motherfucker 1000 times.
by tinyelvis July 05, 2007
A world wide mythological celebration.
I was compelled to buy, wrap and give, for Christmahanukkahquanzayulestice.
by tinyelvis December 28, 2007