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A term to describe the extra money one pays for buying an Apple product. Also known as the "Fanboy Fee," the fictional "Apple Tax" is what consumers pay for the Apple cool factor.
Well, this laptop would only cost me $700 less if it weren't for the Apple tax.
by Tim January 17, 2008
Anson Pham's huge chest
by Tim April 07, 2003
The swamp like feeling when your balls get sweaty.....also see swamp slap
I have swamp balls after sitting in my hot ass room!
by Tim February 09, 2004
I often tell my friends there are only two good rappists (sic). "Who, Vanilla Ice and Eminem?" "No, Weird Al and The Streets." There's just something uniquely amazing and beautiful about rapping in proper English.
"Cuttin' the finest cuts of chicken from the big spinning stick"

"Oh the pizza's here, could someone let him in please?
We didn't order chicken.
Not a problem we'll pick it out.
I doubt he meant to mess us about.
After all, we're all men here, not louts."
by Tim May 10, 2004
People from Liverpool. Like everyone else expect with an exaggerated accent. Yes like you, or in fact me. Some are "scum" but then again I imagine everywhere in the country has twats living there. So all you pricks from manchester, get a job and stop bitching about a place you can't afford to get to because you support several kids, have a drink problem and scav off the dole :)
i saw a scouser today, la
by Tim December 04, 2004
Whitest dance move ever. Dance move where you keep sliding your feet on the floor like your running in one place
look at pasty over there, pulling out the running man
by tim June 22, 2005
-Very depressed and complain about how crappy their life is, yet they never do anything about it but complain.
-Shop at either rediculously expensive stores, or rediculously cheap stores (aka Thrift Stores).
-Wear everything a size too small to make themselves look like a faggot (reason why they called emo faggot).
-I pretty much like to call it the straight man's way of dressing gay, although some emo faggots are actual ones.
Emo Fag thinks to himself, i have to go to the restroom. He walks into the restroom and goes to unzip his pants. His pants have been sucessfully unzipped, although the tough part about it is, actually pulling them down to take your piss, if this happens to you, you must be an EMO FAG!
by Tim November 23, 2004

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