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A family of men that possess genitalia of long and thick proportions on the island of Bermuda.
I had sex with that Rego boy and damn, his cock was huge!
by Jenny Thornton March 15, 2008
72 32
slang meaning like sick or chill or cool. Can be used to describe person place or thing or event. Its all about the attitude broski. yo choose to be rego. not anyone can be rego you gotta be all there to be rego
A:Yo broski was good
B:Yo not much yo i went to a party the other night yo
A:how was it
B:YO totally rego yo
by /tyler October 19, 2009
40 20
most insanely cool best bud anyone could ever have
wow, you are like a total rego.
by miss November 03, 2004
38 21
Short for registration. A term used for some online games that manage to lose packets in the transfer between client and server, specifically counter-strike where it is possible that a direct hit to the head (or any other part of the body) not be registered by the server resulting in no kill and agrivation. Often people get annoyed with this stupid aspect of online gaming and diol.
"I just shot that guy in the head, didn't get any rego though"

"Im so tired of this rego, when i shoot it never hits."
by Someone from Frankston January 21, 2006
38 29
1.hottest girl alive, no girl in the world could top her
2. also amazingly beautiful
i love rego
rego is the hottest piece of ass damnn
by Tim November 02, 2004
32 29
A pompous ignoramus indigenous to and usually found in the vicinity of Southern California. Regards itself as oh so very educated and superior, but is incapable of independent thought and clings desperately to every myth it has ever caught wind of.
That rego has got to be kidding!
by Roland Pericles December 12, 2007
4 12
A dirty man, with bad hygiene, that tends to do things poorly. Resembles a troll that lives in a dirty cave, and sleeps in his own excrement. Tends to be the stuff little kids nightmares are made of. Most notably known for, "The Rego Touch".
Johnny: Aaaaaaaaaagggggghhhh!

Father: What is wrong Johnny?

Johnny: There's a Rego in my closet! And I'm afaid it's gonna give me the Rego Touch.

Father: It's ok, son. I'll just bring up the hose. Everyone knows that a Rego is afraid of water.
by Poopnessmonsta December 27, 2010
5 15