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Actually b0x0rz refers to a computer, not boxers, boxen
by Thlayli February 07, 2003
A person who looks hot from 50 paces, but not from two.
"Sarah's really hot!"

"How close have you gotten? She's a total 50 pacer."
by thlayli January 13, 2003
A bit out of the UrbanDictionary bestiary: A UDWraith is someone who (like me), hijacks another UD users name and posts things for him. It is almost impossible to tell a UDWraith post from a normal one.

Why do UDWraiths do this? Because they find it fun, or because they were burned by someone, and want to put them through some shit. Usually the former rather than the rather.

UDWraiths feed on phlogiston, which gives them live.
This post
by Thlayli February 07, 2003
The best fuck a guy can get.
Man! Did you see her tits? And that mouth? I bet she's got a TIGHT pussy too! She's a fuckzilla!
by Thlayli February 07, 2003
1 stupdi person
The irony of misspelling stupid is sickening.
by thlayli January 29, 2003
The sound your car makes when it's too low and you pull too far forward into a parking spot, hitting parts of the undercarraige on the curb.
I pulled in too far and grunch! My <insert name of small Asian car> grunched on the curb.
by thlayli February 01, 2003

This be some smack chomping, pussy whomping fun yo!
You see Thlayli fucking them hos?

No man, Thlayli's a fag
by Thlayli February 20, 2003

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