17 definitions by thlayli

The most r0x0rest d00d in all of the b0x0rs! I fucking RULE! I r0x0r! I BE 1337!!! PEACE OUTSIDE!
n00b: Thlayli do you r0x0r my b0x0r?
Thlayli: Fucktard!
by Thlayli February 07, 2003
Refers to the case when gas pressure built up in the rectum expels feces with an unusual amount of force.
Don't go in there for a few minutes, man, I just took a co2.
by thlayli January 12, 2003
Men are from mars, women are from venus. You have a pussy, I have a penis. Let me shoot my rocket in your black hole!

A childrens nursery rhyme aimed at teaching people how to fuck.

() {=======8
by Thlayli February 22, 2003
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