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when a female, is a person who is highly intelligent, but not too bright. gets good grades in school, but has "blonde" tendency.
"that stevie, she good at everything isn't she?"
"yeah, but she still walks into open doors"
by ahiru May 14, 2008
563 323
a girl with all of the following characteristics: Hotter then the flames of hell, life changing, amazing in bed, makes Aphrodite jealous, intelligent, quick witted someone every body wants, Intriguing and beautiful.
Gosh, that girl stevie is everything anyone could aspire to be.
by Creater of all things October 10, 2011
259 117
tall, blonde, and smokin hawt. the sexyest girl you will ever meet. so so so good in bed.
i had hot sex with stevie last night!
by someoneisntusingthisname February 26, 2009
306 200
a nickname sounds almost childlike,
BUT it's what you should call your loving
boyfriend/friend if his name is Steven
or such names alike.
he's a boy who is hands down, amazing!
that has a heart like gold, big
lovable eyes and a smile that makes you
go 'awww, I love you'. So basically he
is terribly cute. He's genuine, one in
a million, and also makes a great friend.
g.Gore: "So how was your weekend?"

m.Hazard: "Oh great, I mean I hung out with
my awesome boyfriend Stevie"

b.Breakdown: "oooooh!"
by hotdogsforall February 21, 2009
238 201
Is a loyal stoner-like, likes deep music, can do anything if she REALLY sets her mind to it. typically a brunette
"where can i find some weed?"..."CALL STE VIE"
by ambermunroeeeeeeeeee November 08, 2009
24 14
A "Stevie" is defined as someone going for a shit and blaming the other occupant of the room for the rancid smell left behind
Knock Konck-Hi Did- oh wow whats smell, oh Stevie was here again this morning.
by Stanga January 09, 2014
11 18