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A rootkit is a set of software tools frequently used by a third party (usually an intruder) after gaining access to a computer system. These tools are intended to conceal running processes, files or system data, which helps an intruder maintain access to a system without the user's knowledge. Rootkits are known to exist for a variety of operating systems such as Linux, Solaris and versions of Microsoft Windows.

The rootkit concept is the dominant controversial aspect of the 2005 Sony CD copy protection controversy, which has made the previously obscure concept of a rootkit much more widely known in the technology community, and to the general public
yt:asdasdasd omg rootkit
yt:omg so hard to remove
me:use spycatcher(found on
by Dong Woo November 26, 2005
What Sony BMG uses to fuck people's computers up when they stick in one of the CDs manufactured by them.
Sony BMG is so mad about piracy that they stick viruses called rootkits onto the CDs so the people who buy their $16 pieces of plastic won't think twice about doing it ever again.
by 1069 November 06, 2005
Software used mainly by script kiddies to gain full access to computers running the Unix or Linux Operating system.
She cracked the server using a root kit.
by Blue Cawdrey November 18, 2004
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