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Less than this is the amount of time some people take to think.
He saw that there were thousands of cigarette butts on the side of the highway. Less than a millisecond later, his took flight.
by TheGarbageCollector January 31, 2004
A Fear of Time Travel. As in the fear to travel into the past or the future.
chrono - "time related", "hodophobia - fear of travel"
usage - He could have relived that Super Bowl winning catch again, but he was afraid to get in that mind blowing contraption one more time. He suffered from chronohodophobia.
by TheGarbageCollector January 18, 2005
A person or group of people who act out in the present the actions of a person or people in the future.
In 2052 preenactors Harold, Moon and Sally -- not 15 minutes later than when they began to preenact the grizzly stabbing murder of three preenactors -- were all stabbed to death.
by TheGarbageCollector February 27, 2008
Emotionally exhausted from work or stress related activity.
I was at a company meeting today, and everyone blamed me for their problems. I feel beaten down.
by TheGarbageCollector October 25, 2013
Like newsworthy, except it's only for news about what's new or relatively new.
The engineer's newly invented xTab, as capable as any tablet on wheels but with the added ability to fold laundry and empty the dishwasher, was indeed newworthy.
by thegarbagecollector December 12, 2012
A fear of going into unfamiliar territory plus a fear of the vast nothingness between now and then equals a fear of time travel.
As Dext approached the swirling bright lights of the time machine, his heart beat fast, his head ached, and his mouth felt dry, as if he'd been in the desert for twenty years. His last bout with Chronoagoraphobia almost kept him from travelling back in time, but this time he ignored his fears and pushed onward.
by TheGarbageCollector February 27, 2008
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