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Vu Jàdé can be simply defined as that funny feeling that this has never happened to you before. The term “Vu Jàdé” (also called preamnesia) describes the experience of feeling that one has not witnessed or experienced a situation previously. The term was coined by Kurt Kemp in 2007 in his book (The Weird Ideas I Get), which expanded upon an idea for an essay he was working on for his Myspace Blog. Unfortunately he got distracted and never completed the essay.
The experience of Vu Jàdé is usually accompanied by a compelling sense of unfamiliarity, and also a sense of shock, awe, or suddenly feeling lost. The experience is most frequently attributed to a lack of imagination, although in some cases there is a firm sense that the experience genuinely never happened. Vu Jàdé has been described as “Instant Alzheimer’s.”
by thefarmersfriend October 19, 2010
The smell you smell near any kind of farm. Especially dairy and pig farms.
Agrifume is the smell you’d smell on Route 36 near Arkport, New York at high noon in Mid-Summer. Ah, yes just the thought reminds me of home sweet home!
by thefarmersfriend October 19, 2010
To mess a mess up with another mess. A complex process of ruination that occurs over a period of time that involves layers or mixtures of multiple kinds of junk, refuse, slime, mold, dirt,dust,dander,body fluids,moisture, toe jam, feces, food particles, bacteria, scum, film, viruses and any other material that may degrade over time and meld with another material causing the original messy material to be digested or dissolved thereby making the original mess completely and utterly destroyed along with the original objects or materials in and around the original mess.
If you gunkfunkle your room again you are going to be grounded for three years.

The Government has been gunkfunkled since the Obama administration took charge!
by thefarmersfriend October 19, 2010

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