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A booty call that seems promising, but ultimately never pans out.
Turned out my booty call was nothing but a mooty call. I mean she was like, "sure, why not?" And I was like, "Hellz yeah! Gimme ten minutes," and she goes, "well I still have my girlfriend here, we're doin' shots of tequila, " And I was like, "make it five!" She laughs, and I'm thinking, "Well, allriiight," Then all of a sudden, she starts yelling, "Not on my new couch! Not on my new..." And I hear in the background, "BLAHHH!" "My new couch! ... Bitch, the bathroom's right there! You ruined..." BAM! She drops phone. I'm like, That shit better not have blown the speakers on my Blackberry! I can now hear the sink running and lots of scuttling back and forth, cursing, then the phone picks up and I'm like, "Hello? Everything alright?" And someone says, "Yeah, I just threw up a little." It's her friend! She sounds way hot too! All raspy. I'm about to ask her what flavor of Listerine she wants me to bring her, when I hear, "a little? a LITTLE?! You own me a new suede sectional, bitch! Put down that phone! I said put down that-" Then I think the bitch puked into the phone, cause everything got really loud then suddenly silent. Called her back a couple of times, but all I got was her voicemail."
#booty #booty call #sexting #hook up #one night stand #with benefits
by thedalaiLummox August 30, 2010
1. A small and pretty taint.
Her daint was so soft and delicate, she made me scrub my tongue before licking it!
#taint #perineum #ass crack #t'aint #heinie #pussy
by TheDalaiLummox August 21, 2010
One who purchases and drives a used police vehicle because he's an asshole; particularly one who gets a motorcycle and wears an "official" looking helmet to go along with his cheap, crooked aviator sunglasses and cheesy, porn mustache.
All of a sudden this patrol car pulls right up on my ass, I start shoving the buds in my mouth and chewing like crazy - then I realize he's just a fuckin' cop knobbler! ... so I ran him off the road.
#cock knobbler #cock gobbler #police #cop #pig #boys in blue #the law
by thedalailummox September 01, 2010
A person whose fervent and dynamic use of a dry erase board, typically but not limited to an office setting, borders on the obscene.

Dry Erasturbators often come with their own erasers specially molded to find their hands and sets of markers that cover an array of palette choices. Their penmanship is usually impeccable, and their energy palpable. They often make very entertaining and powerful presentations.

However, the passion they exude onto their audience is seldom about the material being presented, but rather over the materials at hand.
MIKE: C'mon, I want to get a good seat for Ed's presentation.

RICH: Why?

MIKE: Because he's like the sickest Dry Erasturbator in the region! You'll walk away with loads and loads of useful stuff, oozing out your ears, guaranteed!
#masturbator #self-flagellation #narcissistic #chalk board #masterbater
by theDalaiLummox August 27, 2010
The selective weeding out of undesirable employees under the guise of corporate downsizing.
Chet: Hey hey Brad, time to go smoke a few bow-- dude! Where's Brad?!

Herb: Victim of the latest cubiculling.

Chet: The latest what?

Herb: "Cubiculling." ... and you're probably next.
#cubicle #office #corporate #work #9to5 #timecard
by theDalaiLummox August 25, 2010
Last official day when hillbillies and mountain folk can have sex with wild pigs without having to eat them afterward, i.e., strictly for pleasure.
JEB: I'm done gunna git me a whole mess a hog poontang this here Layboar Day, how 'bout you, Cletus?

CLETUS: I reckon I'm just lookin' for some companionship.
#labor #labor day #labour day #hillbilly #redneck #sodomy #pig #hog
by thedalailummox September 02, 2010
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