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(1.) A community college in Palatine, Illinois, named for William Rainey Harper - b. July 26, 1856 d. January 10, 1906 - first president of the University of Chicago. Founded 1971.
(1.) Harper College is located in Palatine, Illinois.
by the specter August 11, 2007
(1.) adjective - Having a human appearance or demeanor. (2.) adjective - Resembling a human or possessing human qualities.
(1.) "The statue of Diana was intricately carved and carefully detailed, giving it a humanesque appearance."

(2.) "The chimpanzee's laughs and smiles were very humanesque."
by the specter August 05, 2007
(1.) noun: A dictionary comprised entirely of made-up (non-standard) words; a volume of words authored by someone other than an official Dictionary authority (Webster's, Britannica, etc.).
(1.) "Joe, an amateur wordsmith, thinks his fictionary contains words worth adding to the English language."
by the specter August 18, 2007
(1.) adjective - Art, specifically literature, that is dark and fantastic in nature. Taken from the name Robert Schark, author of the brand new Young Adult children's series "Josh Powers" and the middle grade novel "Big Fred". (2.) adjective - Any subject that is grim and off-the-wall, often involving kidnapping, imprisonment, monsters, and psychological torture with a fantastic or wondrous twist, intended to "both frighten and enlighten", as per the Robert Schark writing style. (3.) adjective - A personality or demeanor reminiscent of the Scharkan literary style or Robert Schark personage.
1. "Have you read that new horror novel about underground aliens taking over Los Angeles? It's disturbing and hilarious, very Scharky."

2. "That sci-fi movie we saw last week was really scary but really funny too. Scharky."

3. "Have you met James yet? He's a dark and brooding artist, but he can always make people laugh. He's exceptionally Scharky."
by the specter August 05, 2007
(1.) noun: A novel or series of novels that are an imitation of the Harry Potter fantasy series, especially if the imitation is overly fantastic or frightening to compensate for its low marketability.
(1.) Have you read Amy's book yet? She claims that it is an original fantasy novel, but it's mostly just a Scary Potter.
by the specter August 11, 2007
(1.) verb: To relieve oneself in a restroom, bathroom, outhouse, loo, water closet, or any similar location. (2.) verb: To urinate or defecate.
(1.) As he finished eating, Alex felt a sudden urge to bathroomize.

(2.) It is unlawful to bathroomize in public places.
by the specter August 11, 2007
(1.) noun: An exceptionally large joint. (2.) noun: a blunt. From Kingston, the capital of Jamaica.
(1.) Just before the party started, Baxter rolled one of his signature Kingston Cigars. (2.) Baxter used a Philly Blunt for his Kingston Cigar.
by the specter August 11, 2007
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