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Long haired hippy freaks used this term in the sixties and seventies to refer to the way other people sometimes looked at them in scorn and to the way users looked at things in amazement and wonder when they were on drugs.
Jimi is really zooing at the sunset. Is he stoned or what?
by Dan Hemi January 09, 2010
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(1.) verb - The act of patronizing a zoo or marine park.
(1.) "What did you do in Milwaukee?"
"We went to the museum and a pub on Saturday, and spent all of Sunday zooing."

by the specter August 05, 2007
The act of hooking up with an ugly and/or large beast. Zooing can be used for ones own need of getting some(See also: desparate and blue balls) or as an act of kindness for a friend(See also: Taking one for the team)
#1 A: Have you seen Carla?

B: Yeah, she is in the parking lot, Zooing it.

#2 It is getting late and the bar is thinning out, I may have to go Zooing tonight if I wanna get some!
by mdh82 July 12, 2011

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