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Living life to its fullest.
Yeah, I'm high on life.
by the sane maniac October 16, 2004
1. "It's all good"
2. A random phrase
3. "Ehh who cares! It's pointless/it's all the same!"
1. Yeah, man, it's all gravy.

2. Bob: It's all gravy!
Lara: Ok...

3. Ehhh who cares! It's all gravy!
by the sane maniac January 31, 2004
Someone or something that bites your ankles.
To a postman, an ankle biter is often known as a dog.
To an adult, an ankle biter may be a toddler.
To hikers, an ankle biter is sometimes a tick.
And so on.
"Dang ankle biter took off my whole leg!!"
by the sane maniac February 02, 2004
Warner Bros. = Warner Brothers
If you see da' police, Warn-a-brother!
by the sane maniac October 02, 2004
1. Un-edited, unclean, and obscene
I watched the uncensored version of The Osbournes and I could understand it much better because there weren't all those "BEEPS" interrupting the dialogue.
by the sane maniac February 05, 2004
For sure; of course; I strongly agree. Basically, it means "For sure" or "Fo' sho'" in that Snoopizzle language thing.
-Fo' shizzle!
by the sane maniac October 02, 2004
Another word for junk mail or junk e-mail.
It's called "spam" because no one really likes spam (the canned meat stuff), and no one really likes junk mail.
Bob: Dang I hate spam.
Lara: Oh, I like it.
Bob: You mean that canned meat stuff?
Lara: Yeah.
Bob: Umm... I was talking about the junk mail stuff.
Lara: Ohh, right. Gotcha.
by the sane maniac February 01, 2004
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