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What you type when the 'n' and 'a' keys get stuck while typing 'banana'
One day, I was eating a bananananana . . . Dumb computer!
by Conway79 August 23, 2004
Kids' version of banana, pronounced buh-NAN-uh-NAN-uh-nuh, similar to basghetti for spaghetti
When offering breakfast to your kids, suggest bananananana with cereal instead of just a banana.
by watch123 August 17, 2008
Orange peel, bananananana, and a glass of lemonade!
(see the above definition)
by the sane maniac October 03, 2004
1.)An overwhelming expression of profound love.
2.)A sudden burst of excitement resulting in that undescribable feeling of extacy.
3.)The spelling of the techno song Da Rude's 'Sandstorm's' one sound.
Lyn makes my heart bananananana!
by Tyler LaB. November 27, 2008

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