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gossip that is spread by spoken comunication
i heard on the grapevine that your gay
by the fresh prince January 30, 2005
people who knock on your door to try and get you to join their religion
jahovah's witnesses are fucking anoying, the only religion i want to join is the do what you fucking want religion
by the fresh prince January 30, 2005
make a very big effort
my sister bends over backwards to help the doctor check her temperature
by the fresh prince January 29, 2005
building with glass roof
there's an atrium in GTA: san andreas
by the fresh prince January 21, 2005
radio station in Detroit
do you listen to JLB ?
by the fresh prince August 28, 2004
Younger shister, aye
A Suematsu is a Lytton High thing. Only a very few are lucky and able to replicate his voice
#japanese #japan #teacher #classes #subject
by The fresh Prince March 23, 2014
1. pervert
2. grow worse
look at that fucking degenerate over there
by the fresh prince October 06, 2004
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