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The art of inserting one's testicles deftly into a slut's vagina. Then anal penetration via phallus follows.
This is said to be as difficult as giving to cats a bath.
Aidan, after months of practice, successfully got two cats in the bath tub with the woman of Tim's dreams.
by the d00d October 20, 2006
The process of micturating in a woman's vaginal cavity while copulating; peeing in some sluts puss.
Before Ashlyn even knew it, Bradford had sweetly given her a Sterile Sheryl.
by the d00d September 20, 2006
Prior to coitis, yet after foreplay, one acts as if he is about to stick his phallus into a womans vaginal cavity, but sneakily and craftfully penetrates with a ball park frank or other similar tubed meat.
Frank Fretter was about to "crumpify," be instead reached into his back pocket and gave Jessica a loving hot doggett on their 2 month anniversary. Let's put it this way, tears of love rushed from her eyes.
by the d00d October 20, 2006
When one pulls out anal beads in the same manner as starting a lawnmower, sternly and quickly. May cause extreme flatus and defication.
Although Travis said, "pull out those beads, but not too fast," Monty gave him the lawnmower. There was p00p all over that d00d.
by the d00d September 24, 2006
To Fornicate. Preferably with a "Fugly."
Sebby asked Snaggle Tooth if she was interested in crumpification. She hastily responded, "let's crumpify!" So, he skipped the hot doggett and they crumped in each others arms until sunrise.
by the d00d October 20, 2006
Doing stuff with people, aka touching body parts, making out, etc.
Travis and Ashely were just doing stuff, they might have even been motor boating.
by the d00d October 22, 2006
A female who stands in your closet, just waiting to do stuff.
Alex totally got cock-blocked by a closet monkey the other night. He went into his room and then this closet monkey jumps out and he was to cranked to resist the hot makeout session that followed.
by the d00d October 22, 2006

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