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A cavernous, dank, and generally unpleasant vagina.
"Man that girl is nasty"-guy 1
"Yeah you'd get lost in that Bat Cave"-milkman
by the cotck August 20, 2009
A certain type of moustache worn by people who either are or will be on a list of local sex offenders.
"Dude look at Captain Crunch's molestache, he totally touches children."
by the cotck August 20, 2009
An old drunkard who wears a jumpsuit in an attempt to appear sporty. Marked primarily by the failed use of out of date slang such as "wack"
Why is that guy dressed like richard simmons? - guy 1
I don't know. He's probably a Jumpsuit Gerry - guy 2
by the cotck August 20, 2009
The usage of the Doomsday Device to complete mundane tasks such as cooking a hamburger, checking your emails, or blowing up Alderan.
Once the milkman and Tabitha created the Doomsday Device they immediately went and started deathstarring some burgers for dinner.
by the cotck August 20, 2009
A W.H.I.P or whiny hot idiot person is someone who attracts you sexually but repels you everytime they open there mouth. The fact that they have been living in pure idiocy and have no redeeming qualities amazes most.
"SAAAAAAAAAAAAAM where is my cellphoneeee?"- Jessica
"You are talking to me on it right now!"-Sam
"You stupid W.H.I.P"- Sam
by the cotck August 20, 2009
A state of ultimate male bonding achieved only through and ancient ritual. This ritual is sleeping side by side in cots out in the wilderness for four nights. Once the pair gains rite of passage they are considered cotck buddies.
After Vinny and I went camping we could now be considered cotck buddies.
by the cotck August 18, 2009
When someone falls asleep and gets a baguette shoved up their ass with a chocolate flavored donut put on the tip. The friends test how many licks it takes to get to the center.
Holy Cow look at that huge Tootsie Pop coming out of Vinny's ass, I cant wait to eat that shit up.
by the cotck August 20, 2009

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