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152 definitions by the fury 13

A religion that is a type of nature worship. Pussy worshipers see the pussy or vulva as the source of all life and all meaning full pleasure. They have regular orgies and practice the art of vulva massage. they also compose poetry etc. about the pussy and see it as the symbol of the mother goddess. It often overlaps with other pagan religions.
He's into pussy worship.
by The Fury 13 January 03, 2011
37 15
A place where teens can go for contraception etc.
She went to planned parenthood.
by The Fury 13 November 30, 2010
56 33
A human female who is less that thirteen years old. A term used by people in the pedaphile civil rights movement,underaged sex movement and porn scene movement etc. because they need sex as much as older women.
She's a preteen woman.
by The Fury 13 January 16, 2011
29 11
A sex club that a celebrity starts so they can have a handy supply of people to have sex with. There are either solo celebrity sex clubs with only the one celberity or with any number of celebrities in it.
Can you get me in britney spears celebrity sex club?
by The Fury 13 November 04, 2010
20 6
A romance between a student and teacher. One of the coolest relationships there is especially for teens.
There in a student teacher romance.
by The Fury 13 November 27, 2010
19 6
1. Where someone takes your car at gun point.
2. Someone who drives a car and jacks off at the same time most often naked and wants everyone to see it.
1. I lost my car in a car jacking.
2. He likes to go out car jacking.
by The Fury 13 January 18, 2011
12 1
A blowjob that a woman gives a guy after he takes her home from a date and just before she gets out of the car etc.
She gave him a goodnight blowjob.
by The Fury 13 January 15, 2011
10 2