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Means the same thing as ticked off, pissed off, teed off, etc. (e.g. extremely angry)
Melanie got very torqued off when she discovered that her Facebook account had been hacked and subsequently altered to replace her photograph with one of a dead giraffe.
by Telephony June 23, 2011
A phrase that simply means "butt" or "ass".
One lousy screw fell off and you have to do all of ***THAT***?!? Man, what a pain in the toilet muscle!!!
by Telephony November 12, 2010
The same thing as shampee; that is, bottles of shampoo that somebody has mistaken (either unintentionally or intentionally) as urinals.
I know you hate your next door neighbour, but did you *REALLY* have to uranate into his shampoo, thus converting it into shampiddle?
by Telephony October 23, 2010
Very angry at somebody or something; it means the same (and is pronounced the same) as "pissed off".
Man I was so pyst off at that bunghole for stealing my towels out of the dryer at the laundromat!!!
by Telephony September 21, 2010
Somebody who infuses molten glass with an anion oxide of the heavy metal uranium, thus creating Vaseline glass marbles aka. uranated glass marbles -- although other items such as ashtrays, vases, commemorative glass insulators, etc. can be made with it.

Not to be confused with urinal or even urinator.
Hey Bob! Did you know that Husoos is a uranator now?
Yeah, he got a job at the Vaseline glass marble factory about three weeks ago.
by Telephony January 02, 2013
Much the same as "living shit", "the bejesus", or "the devil"; for example, when you're beating the living shit out of something.
Andrew went on the rampage at work this morning when the copier spit toner all over him -- he literally beat the living tweedle out of the poor, defenseless, helpless copy machine!

Topher was so fond of his new R/C piloting skills; he flew the living tweedle out of his Cessna 182 R/C airplane at the park over the weekend.
by Telephony July 27, 2012
A jackhammer that's been fired up nearby so early that it rousts you out of bed.
Those construction workers started using a gosh-darn-diddly-arn jackasshammer next door that got my ass out of bed at 6:30 this morning -- and it's a Saturday for Christ sakes!!!
by Telephony March 12, 2012
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