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A statement used to draw attention to a phrase that could be interpreted as sexual innuendo. This interjection is used when someone, usually a female, unintentionally makes a sexual comment. The "he" is typically assumed to be the girl's boyfriend.

The inverse use that's what she said was made popular by the hit TV show The Office.
Scenario: Two girls are getting out of the pool and going to grab towels to dry off...

Girl 1 (while picking up towel): Wow, that's ones really wet!
Girl 2: That's what he said.
by tcufrog08 May 31, 2008
Where the money always is...
On Arrested Development

George Sr: There is ALWAYS money in the banana stand!!!
by tcufrog08 July 07, 2008
1. Not just broken, but extremely broken
2. Something having a major glitch.
1) That exam was royally rigged. The teacher put questions on it from chapters we didn't even cover!
2) My computer is definitely royally rigged. I took it to the Geek Squad today and it has over 300 viruses on it.
3) Jack's relationshp with Cindy is royally rigged. He got drunk last weekend and slept with her best friend.
by tcufrog08 January 28, 2008
A van/car with a multitude of physical and/or mechanical problems.

The exterior contains primer spots, a faded paint job, multiple paint colors on the body, dents, the engine sounds bad, there are missing/rusted body parts, a smoking exhaust system, and chips/cracks in the windshield. On a hot day, one can easily spot a losermobile as the windows will be rolled down due to the broken A/C.

Occasionally you will see a losermobile with a missing window. In its place is usually cardboard and/or duct tape. The bumpers are held on with tape and red tape is used in place of the rear lights. This is also known as the Patch Adams Car.

A losermobile is typically drive by someone who is considered a loser; one who has climbed down the social ladder.
1. That Geo Metro is a total losermobile. It has a white body and black doors, its rear lights are red duct tape, its passenger window is made out cardboard, and both the side view mirrors are missing.
2. I bet the rims on that losermobile cost more than the actual car!
by tcufrog08 April 10, 2008
A statement told to someone who needs a new, fresh prospective.
Southern confederates: We need slaves to pick our cotton!

Abraham Lincoln: Go change your tampon! Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal...
by tcufrog08 April 17, 2008
Company Fat is a term used to describe personnel and/or policies that are unnecessary for a company to operate. Most of the time, the company fat causes a decrease in operating effectiveness and efficiency. Much like body fat, too much Company Fat can cause the arteries of a company to clog, ultimately hitting its bottom line (the heart).

Michael: Good. (starts to walk away, then turns around) Oh, yeah, also, about budget stuff. Um, I going to need you to find, like a, a full employee salary, plus benefits, like fifty grand. I'm going to need you to find 50 grand in the numbers.
Angela: But we don't keep two sets of books.
Michael: Well, that's not what I'm saying. Just, you know, find it. Pretend that your jobs depend on it.
(Michael walks away)


Angela: Well, I looked through all the budgets. And there is one department...
Oscar: Yes?
Angela: ...that has three people...
Oscar: Yeah?
Angela: ...doing the work, that could be done by two.
Oscar: This is great.
(Angela slowly shakes her head)
(Oscar looks around)
Oscar: Oh.
Kevin: (knowingly) Yeah. (with emphasis) Oh.

*There is Company Fat in the accounting department at the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch.
by tcufrog08 June 24, 2008
A phrase following a belated event.
Dude #1: My girlfriend's period was a week late. I was freaking out!!!
Dude #2: Better late than never...
Dude #1: Yeah, no kidding!
by tcufrog08 July 22, 2008

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