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a chart used to catalog the frequency, duration, causation, and time of occurrence of any boner during a given period; similar to a dream diary; best formatted in an Excel spreadsheet. A boner log can be most useful in measuring one's virility or libido.

Also handy in arena of male competition.
In our double-blind, analytical study, the boner log was used to measure the virility of males age 75-80.

BRO 1: Dude, look at my boner log. I get hard every day at 3:00.

BRO 2: That's weak! Look at this. I had one for 30 minutes last Wednesday.

BRO 1: Tight, bro.
by tboisen3 November 11, 2009
the region of a man's body stretching from his testicles, across his perenium, and to his anus; originates from the combination of the American slang terms: balls, gooch and asshole.
Hey T, you grabbed my booch-hole.

His hand is so huge, he can cup a whole booch-hole.
by tboisen3 November 11, 2009

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