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a wicked, wicked movie, starring the band KISS
that movie 'detroit rock city' was funny and had great music
by tan October 28, 2003
Dreamy male Japanese singer with deep operatic voice, often with wild vibrato. Former singer of "Pride of Mind" and "Malice Mizer", Klaha has chosen to pursue a solo career and has released his first album Nostal Lab and a single titled Marchen.
Idiot: Klaha tries to be like Gackt hyuk-hyuk
by tan October 03, 2004
Lenny Kravitz is awesome, his best songs are: fly away, american woman, and cab driver
Lenny Kravitz is cool
by tan October 28, 2003
An awesome band, greatest songs are: smoke on the water, black night, strange kind of woman
Deep Purple are way cool, man
by tan October 28, 2003
First of 3 lead singers of Malice Mizer. WILD voice.
tetsu's voice is an acquired taste
by tan October 03, 2004
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