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NOT CONCEITED!!! conceDed!!!!!!!!!!!
Conceited is vain smug arrogant.
to concede is to give up or admit defeat. geddit right.
1.That man is so conceited he thinks he's so much better than us.
2.He conceded.
by taking-the-biscuit January 15, 2006
1. Common misspelling of marshmallow
2. A depressed marsh
3. Common metaphor for fat people but misspelled
1. person A: "I'm eating marshmellows"
Person B: "You cant spell that with an 'e'"
Person A: "I said it out loud... how do you know i spell it with an e or not?"
2. That marsh is well mellow dude.
3. Omg her flabwas wobbling like a marshmellow
by taking-the-biscuit January 15, 2006
A sound used to mean yes. Often confusing in online conversations when idiots confuse it with uh-uh which means no
me: hi, how r u?
you: fine thanks, r u?
me: uhuh :)
you: is that a no... or a yes
me: erm yes... dont you know the difference between uhuh and uh-uh you idiot
by taking-the-biscuit January 15, 2006
Someone or something which is an exact copy of something else.
cool person 1: It was like an attack of the clones at that party last night!

Cool person 2: What the star wars movie? I know! Tonnes of people came dressed up as jedi.

Cool person 1: Oh, no I didnt see them but i did see that huge crowd of chavs that walked in.

Cool person 2: Oh yeah, i could smell the hairspray from outside.

cool person 1: Its amazing they dont fall over with the weight of those hoops
by taking-the-biscuit February 03, 2006
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