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Very cool name for South Africans and all over the world. Known for its greatness and therefore, everything gets blamed on Pieter because of envy.
Kill Pieter first because we are so envious of his cool name.
by t0tti3 May 29, 2004
zingale a mobster name for all of its cruel murders in the past
zingale did it its true help us all
by t0tti3 June 11, 2004
afrikaans (south african language) for tit.
plural - tiete: tits
sy het 'n mooi paar tiete / she has a nice pare of tits
by t0tti3 May 28, 2004
From the South African language called Afrikaans, poef neus, means shit nose
Jy is 'n fokken poef neus.
Meaning: You are a fucking shit nose
by t0tti3 May 28, 2004
black person from africa's name or last name
Lucky Zingale
Thabo Zingale
Maria Zingale
by t0tti3 June 11, 2004
afrikaans (south africans) for ass
my gat juk / my ass itches
by t0tti3 May 28, 2004
south african slang for masterbate
ek wil gan mielierol / i wanna go mielierol
by t0tti3 May 28, 2004
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