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A shortened more lazy version of the word "cool". Used when it takes too much effort to pronounce the "l".
Aw, fo real? That's coo.
by Sylvia April 27, 2004
Emo dancing is usually spastic. Shaking, bouncing up and down, moving side to side, waving your pointer finger in the air are also involved. Some people lay on the ground and just shake. I guess it's anything that involves moving to the music. One's emo dance is usually chaotic and intense.
Look at that guy emo dance! It's crazy!
by Sylvia January 02, 2004
a generic exclamation of shock
Jesus Shit! You scared the hell out of me
by Sylvia May 07, 2004
Being left without a car or some other motor vehicle.
(Your brother takes your car without asking)

"I'm going to the store. Where's my car? Damn it! I've been pedestrianized"
by Sylvia October 06, 2006
The generation of children whose parents protect them from everything.
John: Hey Stephen, is that kid on a leash?

Stephen: Yup. He's a victim of the padded-furniture generation
by Sylvia November 23, 2006
Really fucking cute
Those Prada shoes are coodly.
by Sylvia June 06, 2004
A heffer and a skank in one
You stupid skeffer
by sylvia May 17, 2004
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