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When you take a shit that is wet enough that it easily slides out your ass but hard enough that it leaves no residue, so the person doesn't have to wipe their ass.
"Jesus shits are hard to get" said James.
by me1342 June 29, 2006
Great profanity for stubbing toes, realising you haven't paid your rent, seeing the bus you were supposed to catch drive by through the window, exclamation in the middle of an amazing story and discovering that your house is on fire
Person 1: Dude is that your house that's on fire?
Person 2: Oh my god thats my house that's on fire?
Person 1: Your house is so on fire right now.
Person 2: Jesus shit my house really is on fire right now.
Person 1: You should probably do something about that.
Person 2: I think your right, i should probably do something about that.
Toby: Is that your house thats on fire, Person 2?
Person 1 and 2: Shut the fuck up Toby! Jesus shit...
by Person's 1 and 2 (Toby's dead) February 04, 2010
A shit that you flush, but it comes back into the bowl. The toilet is not clogged as a result of the Jesus shit. It is metaphorical to the fact that Jesus Christ was killed, but came back afterward.
Emily: Ahh, what a great shit I have just taken,
Emily: What? It came back? This must be a Jesus Shit.


Phil: I heard Emily flush, but when I went in to piss, there was a shit in the toilet. It wasn't clogged though.
George: A true Jesus Shit for ya.
by Albertkjfdahi August 24, 2010
The best food in the world, straight from the ass of jesus or barbers oven
Barber you fat shit give me your Jesus Shit
by Mats Miller November 20, 2008
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