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to be mussley

to have lots of defined mussles
"man your muss brian"

"your calfs are mega muss caleb"

"your back isnt that muss A.R"
by Swift December 13, 2003
An Asshole on the T/T forum that goes around ripping the piss out of everyone for his own sick enjoyment.
Why is Lobo so cruel to everyone? *sobs*
by Swift January 07, 2004
a penis which has either been suffurcated, left in a dry sex hole or sun dried.. which needs to be rehydrated
Deejay:"man my penis is thristy"

skankyho:"you shouldnt have left it in my dry old puss alnight"

Deejay:"yeah i think im gonna go dip it in some water and let it have a drink"
by Swift December 13, 2003
a penis which is stuck in the era of disco common syptoms are

*penis is constantly whistling abba tunes

*you find a disco ball up your ass

*your penis will dress in white
"hey my penis has the fever-the boogie fever!"

"man have i got a bad case of disco penis or what all ive been hearing all day is abba tunes"
by Swift December 13, 2003
Breaker Boy, male thats involved with breakdancing
crazy legz is one of the freshest Bboys in hip hop history.
by swift February 17, 2003
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