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its when you, being a straight guy, you miss your male friend but with no homosexual feelings involved, you just man miss your friend.
guy 1: hey i miss my friend dany he went back to PR to spend the summer
guy 2: thats pretty gay dude
guy 1: of course not, i just man miss him
by sullivangdl September 22, 2009
An amalgamation of the words Success and Sex. Its the sex that you get after you succed in some activity. The oposite of Pity Sex.
The USA soccer team will be getting their Pity sex but Brazilians will be getting their succsex
by sullivangdl June 28, 2009
La accion y efecto de cagar y miar al mismo tiempo.
"no te pases de lanza llegue a casa de mi morra y me estaba cagamiando cabronsisisismo"

"wey wey wey amos a cagamiar en lo que llegan las viejas"
by sullivangdl June 18, 2009
An amalgamation of the words Jew and Pussy. Jewssy.

It is a VERY rare kind of woman to find but when you actually find one, they are really hot and inteligent ladies to be in a sexual relationship with.

as sad as it sounds a lot of guys actually think that this kind of wemen is very common and eady to find.
"WHAT? you have never had a Jewssy before?

nope, we dont get a lot of them in mexico."
by sullivangdl July 25, 2009
The act of fixing some music-related device ( like a cable or an amp or some drum hardware) with mexican tools like duck tape, twizzers, wd 40, but mostly ducktape.

Mexican because of the lazy way the mexican do things and Berklee becos of that school where rich people go to learn nothing.
"my cymbal stand was so crooked and shaky and dani fixed it by ducktaping it

yes, he pulled of a mexican berklee"
by sullivangdl June 22, 2009
you thought Jailbite was enough 2 keep you off illegal 15 year old pussy... hellbite is intented 2 make you get off that 12 year old pussy
damn i was dating this jailbite girl but she introduced me to her hellbite friends and im not hanging with those girls anymore. i might go to jail but i dont wanna go 2 hell.
by sullivangdl April 04, 2010
we use this phrase when during a conversation, somebody tells the name of somebody who did something, and you get so surprised about it that you plan to scream "Who the Fuck??" but in the rush of the moment you just go "Fho the Wuck????"
"oh man!: juan just died in a car crash

Fho the Wuck???"
by sullivangdl June 18, 2009

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