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A place that like to suck up all you money with overpriced low quality service
You're getting whored by Telus
by suckmebeautiful December 16, 2003
Someone who frequently uses the shocker to please his women.
They call me the Shock Trooper,
they do, they do
For the shocker I stick to,
like glue, like glue
Woe to the women who have not felt,
the enticing,
the pleasing,
the shocking pleasure of this teasing,

My fingers so agile, so graceful, so powerful,
the final step is but the most plain,
the slipping, the sliding, the inserting of my 8" cane,

Regardless the eventual climax, I can always foresee, the exquisite use of my memory, memory of the women quivering at the shocker,
for times for fapping I know I will need them be.

Mark Twain
by SuckMeBeautiful June 08, 2003
a place where fobs gather to be anally violated by xcxstylex
fobtastic y0
by suckmebeautiful December 16, 2003

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