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A place that like to suck up all you money with overpriced low quality service
You're getting whored by Telus
by suckmebeautiful December 16, 2003
A telecom whore based in Canada; it overcharges their customers for its undercoverage services and all other gimmicks. Telus well as its subsidiary Koodo Mobile, made to offer low-cost mobile services to call it fat-free mobility( its just another fat-filled mobility) and all these bullcraps on its customers.
Guy 1: Hey, nice phone!
Guy 2: Ya thanks! I got it in this month!
Guy 3: From which service provider?
Guy 2: Telus.
Guy 1, 3: You got fucked by TELUS!
Guy 4: At least I got that same phone from Koodo Mobile.
Guy 1, 3: You still got whored by TELUS!
by HateMainstreamMusic June 10, 2008
When you cum in someones ear and say, can you hear me now?
I gave my girl friend a telus yesterday, she couldent hear me... still cant.
by bob sdjasfk May 19, 2007
A Canadian telecommunication services provider, TELUS offers telephone, internet, and cellular services to suit corporate and individual needs
TELUS, the future is friendly
by TELUS January 22, 2005
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