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DiNitrogen Monoxide. N20. nitrous, laughing gas,
Man, two baloons of that hippie crack and all i want is more!
by Subeej March 31, 2003
The French, collectively, as a people.
From the Simpsons, said by groundskeeper willy when substituting for a french class,
Bonjour ya cheese-eating surrender monkeys!
by Subeej March 31, 2003
Either the crystals off dank marijuana buds or the yellow pollen from the male plants.
The keef blizzy knocked me on my ass last night!
by Subeej March 31, 2003
A derogitory term for an arab. A variation of sand monkey.
Jawa's were the sand people in Star Wars
Jawas...you know...sand people. -Cartman
I hope Bin Laden and the rest of those Jawas burn in hell!-Any American
by Subeej May 01, 2003
A ball-shaped mass of oats, honey, granola, various cereals, sometimes chocolate, grahmcracker, and anything else that is tasty. Real gooballs contain ganja, though some people try to rip you off. Usual price, $5, sometimes 2 for 5. Really tasety
Man, that dank gooball really messed me up!
by Subeej March 31, 2003
also phan, glide, head,
one who loves the hose, and can't get enough
Fat bulk expanse mass lump block clod
Tipsy fuddled boozy groggy elevated
Prime did edit her!
by Subeej March 31, 2003
You Enjoy Myself
You...enjoy myself, non?
by Subeej March 31, 2003

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