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how not to abbreviate Cincinnati.
Where the hell is this Cinci place Jose keeps talking about?
Is he talking about Cincy?
by 2 inch June 20, 2007
What you ask for when you orderin' up that weed and you dont want no 1/8, and you don't want no 1/4, but you really want somethin' in da middle. This is what you call a cinci. an eighth is 3.5, a cinci is 5.25, and a quarter is 7.
Playa 1: Yo can you hook me up wit a quarter for 110?

Playa 2: Nah bro but on the real i can get you a cinci for 90.
by bikedamike February 04, 2009
da cosa viene nn lo sò,ma vuol dire cazzo...vezzeggiativo?..familiare?..usato nell'area fiorentina. notevole lo scioglilingua citato in example
Ciucciami i'cinci in cima
by Rosso Fiorentino February 08, 2005
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